2020 Spring Class Offerings

Conflict Resolution

Each of us can be looked upon as a leader in some type of capacity. Each of us could be a manager or supervisor, a teach, a coach, or even a parent. Each of these roles has an impact on others. This class will identify tactics to positively impact the lives of those we have contact with on a regular basis.

This class will discuss the John C Maxwell book, Becoming a Person of Influence, and discover simple, insightful ways to positively interact with others.

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Leadership Ideology

Regardless if you have been in a leadership role for a few days or a few decades, I believe we can all agree that the lessons of leadership are never finished. In fact, the greatest teacher is each other. Those of us that are living, breathing, and trying our best to be what everyone expects of a great leader. Problem is, everyone's expectations are different and unique to the individual that possesses them, that leads to quite a dilemma. The only answer is to lead intentionally, lead in a way that is defined by you. Lead guided by an ideology you possess that is so strong that the impact and influence you ultimately desire is inevitable.

Leadership Ideology was designed to be a platform for leaders to teach each other. Where new leaders have the opportunity to learn from those more experienced and tenured leaders are given the gift of possible fresh perspective with a sense of renewed vigor. Leadership Ideology uses a guide to facilitate a cohort through a three-part series, where leaders are exposed to the most essential leadership skill sets. Leaders are challenged to bring these skills to life, going beyond theory and to direct application.

The series concludes with each Leader articulating their personal Leadership Ideology that will serve as a guide to their legacy. It will also serve as their clearly defined commitment to their team, organization, and more importantly themselves of how they will choose to intentionally lead.

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Legal Issues for Managers

In this ever changing world of legalities, managers and front-line supervisor need to keep abreast of changes to keep both themselves and their company out of legal hot water. Join us for a four hour session to get updates on all of the legal trends and changes that affect everyone in the work environment. Topics may include, bullying/harassment, FMLA, discrimination, workplace gossip. You will learn to identify and stop these types of potential legal issues BEFORE they become problems.

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